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What is going on in this country today?  What have we become that we are so consumed by things like Monday Night Football that it takes over the headlines when we are merely months away from a presidential election, we still have soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan, the economy is a complete mess, and the jobless rate continues to remain stagnant. 

Yes, I agree that sports play a huge role in our lives as I happen to be a huge sports fan, but where do you draw the line when it comes to the important things in life and those more trivial things. I have included below two links so you can see I’m really not trying to be bias with regards to who said what.  I simply feel that certain people in this country should have higher priorities than sports.  I’m not saying they shouldn’t take an interest but people of that stature should keep those opinions out of the lime light and concentrate on the more important things going on!!

Monday Night Football sparks some political comparisons

President Obama Tweets About Monday Night Football – Hot 107.9

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