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What better night than tonight to touch on a topic such as this, a night in which those known as the “Hollywood Elite” get together to rejoice about how great they are.  It’s come to a point where I feel we would all be better off without the “Hollywood Elite” that reside in their bubbles within their social circles in southern California. They sit high atop their perch where they have not a worry in the world and lecture us on how we are to live our day to day lives.  

They speak about how we shouldn’t be driving “gas guzzling” cars, how we should do “our fair share for the betterment of society,” and so on and so forth.  Sure other people in society make a large sums of money, but none try and lecture us on how we should live our lives more than the these pathetic people.  While many of they are scum as far as I’m concerned, there is one shining light among the darkness, and that one person is Denzel Washington. Recently it has been made known that actor Denzel Washington who “doesn’t pal around with actor friends” (which I love him for) made a large donation to the Fisher House to help fund the building of an Army Veterans hospital. 
While we sit here and listen to each of the actors and actresses go on and on about how great they are, keep in mind that while they do make a large amount of money and also attempt to lecture each of us about how we don’t do our “fair share” they are also each receiving a “swag bag” worth $47,802.  I find this completely reprehensible considering that sum of money could nearly pay off my entire student loan debt and to them it’s just another “gift” which most likely means nothing to them.  It’s ok though, because this is a taxable item which makes it so much better. 
I simply feel that these people are so retracted from society that they should be the last ones sitting there lecturing us on how we should be living our lives.  If any one of these individuals had to spend one day working some of the jobs we Americans do, making the salaries we make, and dealing with the real issues we deal with they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.
-Young Conservative USA
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