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I have gotten myself into several debates with friends and co workers in regards to our civil liberties and where to draw the line in regards to how much of those liberties we should surrender. This can often times be a sensitive topic, while this may be the case it is a topic that must be discussed. If we fail to take a topic like this into consideration the government will simply continue their trampling of our Constitution.

This lead me to my next point… The Constitution.  This is document was finally ratified in 1787 and has since provided the United States of America an outline from which we get not only the structure for which our government should function, but we also get our Bill of Rights.  This document known as the Bill of Rights is a list of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution ratified in 1791 that puts a limit on the governments ability to restrict the rights of American citizens.

This particular portion of the Constitution is what politicians, especially those on the left, seem to hate the most.  They see this document as a restriction on their power over us, the American people, which is exactly why the forefathers drafted the Bill of Rights in the first place. It simply amazes me that they had the foresight to see potentially where this government may one day end up.

This is precisely why we must continue to study the Constitution and it’s bearing on society and realize that the left sees this document as a living document that can simply be revised on the whim of a politician or the president. This is simply not the case, there is a procedure already in place to make changes to the Constitution and that is the ratification process such has been done numerous times throughout history!

If this administration wants to make changes, let them abide by this process and if the changes they are pushing for are that significant they will pass!

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