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ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS – Individuals who come to this country ILLEGALLY!!!
You may ask how is it that an individual can be considered illegal.  The idea is quite simple, we have a document called The Constitution of the United States that was drafted some 200 or so years ago that has acted as the document from which we find he basis for our government and the laws that govern our land.  In this document we find a portion of writing that touches on immigration and how individuals should legally emigrate to the country of freedom and liberty.
If you are wondering where in the Constitution it refers to immigration, the 14th amendment to the Constitution states, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States,” are, “citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”  As a result if you are born here you are automatically a citizen.  This doesn’t necessarily touch on the issue we are facing today with roughly 11 million illegal aliens currently residing in this country.

We can also refer to the Constitution for help with the “illegal immigration” issue as well. 

Progressives are constantly talking about how the Constitution must adapt to the times this couldn’t be more true with the immigration debate as we must adapt to the changing times with regard to immigration.  Long ago immigrants came here through ports like Ellis island and and the port of Galveston and they had specific standards they must abide by to gain admittance into the US. Today we have immigration laws that must be adhered to to become a United States citizen just as we did then. 

These laws are being directly broken when ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who make the decision to cross the border illegaly.  This is where we must understand that these individuals are criminals, they shouldn’t receive the same rights American citizens do, and they should be automatically deported back to Mexico.

Instead the liberal government we have in place today sees these individuals as “undocumented workers” giving them the ability to continue to reside here even though they pay no taxes while taking advantage of our healthcare and school systems.  This is precisely why we must all be concerned with the Immigration problem in the country!!!  It is not a debate, there is a simple solution deport those who aren’t here legally and strengthen the border.  END OF DISCUSSION!!

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