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One of the biggest talking points of the Obama administration as of late has been “income equality” or “income inequality”. Regardless of what you call it, you may find yourself asking what exactly is “income inequality” and why is the government so concerned about it in the first place? 

Obama and his army of liberal talking heads at MSNBC want us all to believe that income inequality is something that can be solved through government policy. They fail to come to grips with the fact that there is absolutely no way to create a society in which there true income equality. True income equality only exists in a socialist type of society where everyone has the same, no one person has more than another, and everyone is essentially equal.

After all why should one person get more than another? It is simply not fair that one individual worked from the time they were young, developed a skill and went on to lead a successful life, while others like the pajama boy sit at home in their parents basement and wonder why no one wants to hire them even though they have yet to develop any marketable skills. Too many young people today go to school to find themselves, rather than develop a marketable skill and wonder why they can’t find work once they graduate.
Eventually there comes a point where one must realize that there is no way to solve the made up issue of “income inequality.”  There will always be income inequality, some individuals are blessed with talents that earn them large sums of money while others may struggle to get by no matter how hard they work. The struggle is what makes success that much sweater, and if the government continues to take that feeling of success away from us by replacing it with more and more government hand-outs we as a country are truly doomed. 

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