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While we Americans get up early and work 8 or more hours a day our president is out on the campaign trail, or fundraising for some of his cronies, or hosting dignitaries (and I use that word sparingly) from other countries as he did last night. While presidents have been doing this practically forever, none have done it on a scale of disgusting extravagance as the Obama’s have.

Last night president Obama hosted the French president at a state dinner on the south lawn of the White House.  You may think this was just a casual dinner, au contrairie my friend. This lavish spectacle featured a tent constructed on the lawn complete with trolley service to whisk guests across the lawn to the site of the dinner. The dishes were served on only the finest china, complete with napkins and personalized place cards. Along with the lavishness of the event Mrs. Obama has the nerve to show up wearing a $12,000 dress… YES A $12,000 DRESS!!!

The fact that she was wearing such a dress and they were putting on such a lavish event wouldn’t be quite so bad if they weren’t constantly lecturing us on how we must give our “fair share” and the idea that the biggest issue this nation faces is income inequality.  If they truly cared about you and me, they would practice what they preach and lead by example. These two have to be the biggest hypocrites to ever walk the hallowed halls the White House.

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