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It’s time the media stop apologizing for every single off color comment a news anchor, reporter, or talk show anchor makes.  The media is so obsessed with pleasing everyone and offending no one they no longer stand for anything.  They can no longer stand on any one specific point or take a rock solid stance on a topic simply  because they may “offend” someone.

The list has become nearly endless with regards to apologies issued from various new anchors and news outlets.  We have recently seen apologies from the likes of Martin Bashir, Melissa Harris Perry, and networks like CNN and MSNBC.  Apologies haven’t just been issued from news outlets, celebrities are also guilty of pathetic apologies.  Regardless of who you are, it’s time individuals learn to stand behind what they say and stop bowing down to the pressure from those who don’t agree with you. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

The latest guest on the apology tour is someone we all know and have come to lover for his colorful weather forecasts, Al Roker.  As everyone knows we in the NY metro area have recently been hit hard by a snow storm.  There was much ado about the communist mayor of New York City, Bill DeBlasio, keeping the schools open throughout the city.  As a result Al Roker went on a tirade on Twitter culminating in this tweet

“I knew this AM @NYCMayorsOffice @NYCSchools would close schools. Talk about a bad prediction, Long range DiBlasio forecast: 1 term.”

Not only was this tweet funny, it is a prediction that conservatives everywhere hopes comes true. Nonetheless, shortly after this tweet was sent, Al Roker issued a FREAKING APOLOGY!!  It’s time those in media grow a pair and stop apologizing.  Stand behind your remarks and back up what you say.  We have become so sissified in this country that the second one person becomes offended we bow down and kiss their damn feet.

This idea of pleasing everyone is running rampant in this country today and the underlying reason is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.  We are teaching our children at a very young age that the most important thing is not to offend anyone else.  Kids are taught that they are no longer allowed to have an opinion simply because it may offend someone else.  This obsession with pleasing everyone to try to offend no one has to stop.

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