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Over recent years with the growth in popularity of the liberal progressive and the self proclaimed hipster we have seen a steep decline in the number of young people who partake in faith based activities or attend a Church, Synagogue, or other Judeo-Christian type of religious institution.  This is a scary trend, and if it continues could result in troubling times for this country.

To truly understand this countries Judeo-Christian roots we must go back to the time this country was founded, and why it was founded.  One of the reasons many of the first colonists decided to make the arduous journey across the Atlantic to come here was for religious freedom.  Throughout Europe Christians were persecuted for their beliefs and they came here in search of religious freedoms they did not get in their home land.

As a result they came here with the mindset they could practice their religion free from persecution.  This was the mindset that inspired the founders to draft the documents that went on to shape the very framework of the country we live in today, a country that has stood for over 200 years.

Fast forward to the present day and the state of affairs in this country is becoming quite similar in comparison to what our ancestors left when they fled Europe roughly 250 years ago.  As the government under the current president, Barack Obama, and one of the most liberal slates of judges the supreme court has ever seen, continues to chip away at the founding document of this country the Constitution, we Christian conservatives are under attack  Our very values are being mocked and ridiculed as the government makes its way into places it shouldn’t be in the first place.

Take the case regarding Hobby Lobby, the government through the “Obamacare” is attempting to force a company founded by individuals with strong Christian values to go against what they believe and offer contraception to their employees.  Many in this country feel that contraception is a so called “right”.  This is where many liberal progressives get it wrong.  We as citizens aren’t entitled to anything from the government other than the freedoms to pursue our own happiness.  When the government steps in and begins instructing specific entities to provide for others at the cost of ones labor or well being it infringes on anothers right to life, liberty and happiness.

As a result we must become keenly aware of the practices of the ever growing, tyrannical government that we are beginning to see develop.  As the government grows and influences various classes and groups of people they create dissidence between the masses and pit one group against another.  As the dissidence grows so does the fighting amongst the masses giving the government even more power to influence its citizens. To combat this we must teach the future citizens of this country what it means to be an American, and what this country was founded upon to instill in them the will to keep our faith and our values alive for many years to come.

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