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From the looks of things the New York Times has a war on women.  This news broke today as the former managing editor, Jill Abramson would be replaced by Dean Baquet as the new managing editor of the paper. Apparently this change was due in part to her “bossy” behavior and the fact that she called out the Times for the disparity in how they pay women in comparison to men and the disproportionate amount of work offered to male writers.

This brings about two really good points, the first being that Jill was obviously replaced because she was being too “bossy”.  Recently there was an campaign to ban the word bossy along with a whole list of other words deemed by society to be too offensive.  It’s quite ironic now that a women of power at such a high position at one of the most liberal papers in the country is falling victim to her own bossy behavior and suffering the consequences for it.

Another point of concern is the so called “war on women” that, according liberal progressives, runs rampant throughout corporate America!! If this is the case why would a paper like the NEW YORK TIMES demote a women in such a high position to replace her with a man???

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