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Boom your cellphone is now dead!!!

This is what could happen should the newly passed cellphone killswitch bill ,that has already been passed in Minnesota, go national.  California is also proposing exact same type of legislation!

Like most types of legislation, this bill does indeed have some very positive aspects.  The bill itself is designed to require cell phone manufacturers to include either software or hardware into phones that could remotely be activated in the case the phone is stolen.  This hardware or software would then either erase the data and or completely brick the phone.

While this may seem like a positive move for cell phone manufacturers carriers alike, there exists a sinister this technology!!

If this technology were to be utilized by government agencies to target those who disagree with them it would virtually eliminate individuals means communication regardless whether not the individual broke any laws.  We have already seen the overreach of the NSA, what’s to say that they wouldn’t run with this technology!?!?

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