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Have we really come to the point in this country where it is now being considered racist to teach American history as it actually happened. Apparently in a town in Michigan this is the case, as a teacher has recently been suspended for showing a video in which white people depicted a black person using black face.  The objective of this lesson was to provide oversight into how far we have come in this country with regards to racism and the persecution of the African American.

If we begin to put restrictions on how history is taught, we are do our students and subsequent generations of young people a great disservice. It is essential we ensure the children of tomorrow understand the mistakes of yesteryear or they are bound to repeat them.

Following the history teacher, Alan Barron’s, suspension there has been a massive amount of public outcry as parents are extremely upset at how the situation has been handled.  Alan has been teaching history in this district for 36 years and was one month from his retirements before being suspended.

The hashtag “FreeMrBarron” has since been created in an effort to affect the situation and make people aware of the importance of teaching our children history as it is meant to be taught, how Mr. Barron taught it.  We must get make people aware of the distortion of history in schools throughout the United States, our children’s livelihood depends on it!

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