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The apology tour continues!!! 
Apologies have become so common place now that one can almost predict the exact context the apology will contain.  First, the individual apologizing must sympathize with the supposed protected class he offended.  He or he must then relate to that class and somehow explain that they are part of or can relate to every single individual within that class. Finally, they must include the typical lawyer speak to ensure they aren’t sued by some over zealous attorney for simply exercising their first amendment right, FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!
Where do we draw the line with regards to these pathetic, generic apologies we are seeing now on a daily basis?  What happened to someone simply making an off color remark and others taking into account the situation in which the remark was made.  As is the case with the remark make by Jonah Hill when he told a paparazzo “suck my d***, f*****”.
It was quite obvious he was indeed being harassed by this cameraman for quite some time to get him to the point where he would make such a statement. Can’t we just understand that people don’t always say what they mean in the heat of the moment. I’m sure nearly everyone out there has made some sort of off color remark whether it be in the privacy of their own home or among friends that they may not have meant or could easily be misconstrued. 

This censorship of speech that the left is attempting to implement throughout society will have drastic affects on nearly everyone as more and more words are becoming “offensive” and in turn requiring an apology from various individuals.  Eventually we will get to a point where those who are the ones offended will in turn be the offenders.  What will happen then when the tables are turned on them and others are demanding an apology from them. The entire idea of censoring speech is a slippery slope and it needs to stop.

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