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Since the 1930’s progressives in this country have waged a war on the worker. As with nearly all progressive policies, the institution of the minimum wage has lead this country on a path to destruction.  Fast forward to present day and it’s easy to see the idea of minimum wage has taken on a mind of it’s own. When minimum wage was conceived it was designed to be a stepping stone to a better paying job not a salary to support a family.
Seattle Minimum WageWe see the effects of an increased minimum wage on a small suburban town right outside of Seattle called SeaTac.  At the beginning of the year it was decided that minimum wage in this town would be raised to $15 an hour.  
This wage hike was initially met with applause and adulation as many thought it would bring more jobs to town and put more money in people’s pockets. Little did they realize it may put more money in people’s pockets but there are less pockets being filled as many businesses proceeded to lay off workers, cut back on benefits, and raise the prices of the goods and services they offer.
As reported in the Seattle Times the $15 minimum wage floor will inevitably have “some casualties” as  “unskilled workers are going to have a harder time finding jobs” and workers who manage to find work will “have to go the extra distance” to earn their $15 wage.
US Minimum Wage

According to small businesses are another area hard hit by the increased minimum wage.  Many small business owners operate on a very limited budget. As a result, they have little to offer prospective employees when the start out.  This increased minimum wage will inevitably make it that much harder for new businesses to take root in SeaTac. When an individual is brought on to fill an entry level position with limited responsibilities most businesses do not see fit to pay that employee upwards of $15 an hour.

With the increased wage floor created by the minimum wage hike comes the need to pay higher skilled employees in proportion to the lower skilled wage earners. If one individual is starting out at $15 an hour and another employee has been there for an extended period of time only earning roughly $17 an hour that hardly seems fair.  After all isn’t the minimum wage increase designed to ensure everyone earns a “living wage”. Why should a worker who is starting out earn nearly as much as a higher skilled senior level employee?
It has become quite obvious that the negative effects of increasing the minimum wage far outweigh any “possible” positive outcomes. Capitalism and the laws of supply and demand should determine wages. It is not the government’s responsibility to determine how much an individual should be making, if one wants to earn a higher salary simply work harder and smarter. There are still far more opportunities in this country than any other country in the world if you are simply willing to pay the price.

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