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A recent Fox News poll shows that more and more Americans are beginning to believe that former president George Bush was more competent that current president Barrack Obama.  This may seem hard to believe considering how harsh the left was to Bush throughout his two terms as president as they constantly accused him of being a war criminal and the like.  The constant mud slinging from the left was relentless.

We fast forward to current day and we see a president that campaigned on “hope and change” and ensured that we would see one of the most transparent governments in American history. What we got was the exact opposite as we now have a president with no regard for the law.  Time and time again he breaks laws that even he helped put into place.  The most recent law he has broken was the law that he would not release prisoners without first addressing congress.

The question from the poll: “Do you think the Obama administration is more or less competent than the George W. Bush administration?”

More competent: 42%
Less competent: 48%
Same as: 7%
Don’t know: 3

In addition, a few more items from the poll: “Has the Obama administration made America stronger or weaker?”

Stronger: 35%

Weaker: 55%

And finally: Do You Approve or Disapprove of the Job Barack Obama is Doing as President?

Approve: 40%

Disapprove: 54%

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