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There have been many stories throughout the past week regarding the recent release of Bowe Bergdahl, a supposed “POW” held “captive” in Afghanistan for roughly five years.

We have heard from his comrades, nearly all of which are saying the same thing. They are all coming out and confirming he was indeed a deserter and in effect a traitor. His desertion in turn led to the loss of innocent lives in the subsequent search for him once he left.

What if this could have been prevented? What if there was a reporter who was onto this story was indeed Michael Hastings and the government did whatever they could to cover it up?

The next day, American forces had a chance to free Bowe. The battalion operations officer, call sign GERONIMO 3, met with two tribal elders from the nearby village. The elders had been asked by the Taliban to arrange a trade with U.S. forces. The insurgents wanted 15 of their jailed fighters released, along with an unidentified sum of money, in exchange for Bowe. The officer hedged, unwilling or unable to make such a bargain, and no deal was struck. Instead, the Army ordered all units stationed in the eastern half of Afghanistan – known as RC East, in military jargon – to join the search for Bowe.

A brief excerpt of Hastings reporting goes as follows,

“On July 4th, the search effort got a break: Bowe was spotted in a village in Ghazni, about 15 miles across the mountains to the west. He was wearing khaki, with a bag covering his head, and he was being driven in a black Toyota Corolla, escorted by three to five motorcycles. But by the time troops arrived to investigate, it was too late. That was the last time that Bowe would be seen until the first propaganda video, released later that month.”

According to Dean Garrison at DC Clothesline,

“Michael Hastings got Bowe Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers to speak upon conditions of anonymity while disobeying the “gag orders” of their superiors.”

So the entire case surrounding the return of Bowe Bergdahl thickens even more. Did Michael Hastings know something the government didn’t want the public be aware of? Was this a set up to provide grounds for the release of the five top level terrorists from Guantanamo bay? Let’s hope we get the entire story sooner rather than later!

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