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Illegals of all ages have been pouring across the southern border for quite some time now. Rough estimates put the number of current illegal immigrants in this country somewhere around 11 million. This number is up for debate as more and more illegal immigrants pour across the border on a daily basis.

Recently we have seen a major influx of illegal immigrant children making the trek across the border, many coming alone.  They come from countries south of Mexico, countries including Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. They flee those countries and make their way through Mexico, a country with stricter immigration laws than we currently have, in an attempt to make it to America.

What is causing this influx of underage illegal immigrants. According to, an ABC news affiliate in the Rio Grande Valley, many south in countries throughout central America are viewing television ads encouraging them to make the journey to America. They are being told that once they arrive here they will be met with open arms, given jobs, healthcare, and much more.

We on the American side of the border are also being inundated with propaganda attempting to tug at our heartstrings. We are being told that these people simply want to come here for a better life. That may indeed be the case for some, but most are attempting to come here in an effort to take advantage of our welfare system run amok and to gain wealth they can send back home, all while contributing nothing to our country as they pay nothing into the system they are taking advantage of.

Right now in Austin, Texas there are roughly 60,000 illegal immigrant children between the ages of 7 and 18 being housed in a military installation at Lackland Air Force Base. Recently President Obama addressed the situation as a humanitarian crisis and is enacting procedural measure to deal with it including the use of federal agencies such as FEMA. In addition to utilizing FEMA to deal with this “crisis” there are also plans to fly these children to live with family members who may already be here or to simply fly them to other parts of the country.

If this current influx of illegal immigrant children continues, it is estimated that by year’s end we will have roughly 120,000 underage illegal immigrants residing in the United States.

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