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Did I miss something or is the government of the United States a government for the people and by the people? Well for some reason our president seems to feel otherwise he told Dan Rather in a recent interview on NBC.

In this interview the president explains that when a soldier that wears our uniform is captured behind enemy lines we do everything in our power to bring that soldier back home.  I could not agree more with that sentiment, but the questions remains at what cost.  What type of sacrifice must be made to bring home any soldier from behind enemy lines?
Apparently Mr. Obama feels that he has the right to act alone in determining what sacrifices can be made to bring a soldier home, in this case the release of Bowe Bergdahl. Obama went back on his word yet again as he circumvented congressional approval and put in motion the swap that landed five high level terrorists back in the hands of the enemy.

There are many questions surrounding this particular incident such as why were those five of the highest level terrorists that were being held in Guantanamo Bay released to a country such as Qatar?  Why was this individual, Bergdahl, held in such high regard even though so many of his comrades confirmed that he was indeed a deserter?

Mr. President we the people demand answers and we demand them now as to why every single American citizen at home and abroad, and every soldier around the world has been placed in increased danger as a result of this horrible trade. Additionally, this is not “your government” this is OUR GOVERNMENT, we elected you, we elect every single member of the House, and the Senate.  We do so in good faith that those who we elect will abide by the law and the Constitution.

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