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According to our current commander in chief Al Queda is dead and the war in Iraq is long over. We are also winding down our war efforts in Afghanistan as Obama single handedly caught Osama bin Laden. You know he did it all by himself, it’s not like we had Seal Team 6 go in and successfully complete their mission, Obama took all of the glory for himself.
Fast forward two years and we are again on the brink of having to intervene in Iraq yet again as terrorist factions funded by Al Queda, which Obama said was dead, are ramming their way through that country and headed straight towards Baghdad.
The events unfolding throughout the middle east are going are going largely unreported as Obama’s main stream media is keeping everything hush-hush to avoid scrutiny over his lack of a foreign policy! Here are just a few of the reports showing what is really going on throughout Iraq.
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