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It’s utterly pathetic to see just how low the left is willing to stoop to ensure their continued reign over our lives and our pocketbooks.  With the ouster of Eric Cantor, John Boehnor’s right hand man, we are beginning to see the revival of conservative principals one of which was Dave Brat’s stance on amnesty.  Another contributing factor in his victory was his ability to speak to the people and make them understand the importance of a sound view of economics and ethics.

This amnesty issue is one that has been tossed around for quite some time now as each side of the isle fights on just how to address the issue.  Lately as more and more RINO’s (republicans in name only) are making there way into the GOP it was looking like amnesty was going to become a reality.  With the defeat of Eric Cantor amnesty has been dealt a HUGE blow!!

The establishment has been served a big reality check.  Yesterday a no name, Dave Brat, took down one of the highest ranking individuals within the Republican party in the house Eric Cantor. This was considered a stunning upset as Cantor, a long time congressional incumbent, was considered a shoe-in by many as his analysts had him up in the polls by 34 points as late as Monday.

What made this victory even sweeter for Tea Partiers everywhere, especially Dave Brat, is the fact that he spent as much on his entire campaign, roughly $120,000, as Eric Cantor spent one night at a steakhouse during his own campaign.  He was far outspent overall as Cantor’s campaign budget topped five million dollars.

While the fight is far from over this is an epic start as we see that people are becoming fed up with the establishment of both parties as it is becoming  quite clear they do not have the best interests of the American people in mind.  They spend money, print more money, and spend some more.  They rob future generations of wealth while taxing the rich to give to the flat ass society they are creating.  We now have hope that people are beginning to seek truth when electing politicians, and that they want politicians with a respect for the rule of law and an understanding of economics and ethics.

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