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What exactly is the Islamic Caliphate? And is this Islamic Caliphate an impending threat to the United States?

Fist off we must understand what exactly a caliphate is. According to Wikipedia a caliphate is, “A caliphate (from the Arabic: خلافة‎ khilāfa, meaning “succession”) is an Islamic state led by a supreme religious and political leader known as a caliph – i.e. “successor” – to Muhammad and the other prophets of Islam. So we can come to the conclusion that a caliphate has to do with the Muslim religion.  The idea of a caliphate actually dates back to as early as A.D. 632.  The only real aspect of the Muslim Caliphate that we need to truly be concerned with is the one currently being carried out by the radical Muslims of the group known as Al Qaeda. 

The group known as Al Qaeda has a clearly stated goal and that is to re-institute the Muslim Caliphate.  In 2005 this group explained that they were going to move forward with “phase five” which is to move forward with implementing the Islamic state. It is believed that if this caliphate is established that Egypt would be a rallying point in leading their jihad against the west including the Jewish State and the United States. 
Now that we understand what a caliphate is and what the intentions are of Al Qaeda, one might wonder how exactly they intend on doing this.  With the current state of affairs throughout the middle east it is becoming quite clear as events are beginning to unfold leading to the destruction of Iraq. As Al Qaeda funded groups make there way towards Baghdad, the fall of Iraq back into radical Muslim hands is becoming a harsh reality.  
This would be a huge step into pushing forward with their Muslim Caliphate. But the truly scary aspect of this scenario is the actions of our president here at home.  Just recently he released five high level terrorists back into the middle east.  Not more than a few weeks after their return we are seeing major unrest throughout countries he claimed we left with resources for them to defend themselves.  Those same resources such as tanks, Humvee’s, and even fighter jets are now at risk of falling into the hands of the terrorists. 
Not only do we have to deal with the unrest a half a world away, we have major unrest at our own southern border.  We have recently seen an influx of illegal immigrant children into the states of Texas and California. This has put a huge strain on our border patrol officers and greatly inhibited their ability to actually patrol the border.  What is even more disturbing about this is the fact that the border is now more open than it has ever been which leaves the door wide open to terrorists should they decide to enter the country.  
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  1. Patriot23 June 15th, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    Glenn Beck warned of this years ago. No one listened. Perhaps they'll listen now.


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