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We Americans do not take down our flag for anyone regardless of who it may “offend”!!  Much less when it offends an individual of Muslim decent as they tend to be a group of individuals with the most disdain for our country and our way of life!
Well in the town of Webster, Texas a man was told to do just that.  He was displaying his American flag on the balcony of his apartment and this apparently offended a Muslim neighbor of his. He was subsequently asked to remove the flag as to not offend that neighbor.
The apartment manager explained,
“While the Lodge on El Dorado admires our resident’s patriotism, we must enforce our property rules and guidelines. Such guidelines maintain the aesthetics of our apartment community and provide for the safety of all residents. The apartment community already proudly displays our country’s flag in a safe and appropriate manner at the entrances to our community.”
Since when is displaying the American flag your apartment balcony infringing anyone’s safety or the aesthetics of the community?
Young Conservative

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