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For more than two weeks know we have become keenly aware of the situation unfolding at the southern border with Mexico.  Prior to this becoming news there has been a steady influx of illegal immigrants over our border into Texas since the first of the year.  So far we are up to nearly 60,000 illegal immigrant youth that have made the trek not just from Mexico, but other central American countries including Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador, and there is an estimated 250,000 more on the way!

We constantly hear how these illegals are simply coming here because they want to work and are willing to do the jobs Americans won’t do.  Would you like to know why Americans won’t do “those jobs?”  The answer is quite simple, the United States Government is paying the flat ass society not to do those jobs.  As a result the illegals are coming here taking advantage of the booming under the table job market all the while they pay no taxes and send the majority of the money they earn back home.

With a sky rocketing unemployment rate and jobs hard to come by, one must ask question, why are we importing even more job hunters into this country?  There is a surplus of labor and we are importing individuals who don’t have the means to truly contribute to society even if we were to grant them amnesty.  We constantly hear about how there is such a demand for high skilled workers to fill technology jobs.  Do you really think someone coming here illegally, floating across the Rio Grande on a door that speaks no English is going to walk into Google and actually posses the necessary skills to work there?

This is why we need the wall and we need it now.  This country simply cannot handle the influx of labor that is streaming across the border.  There aren’t enough jobs for American citizens and we shouldn’t have to fight the illegal aliens for the jobs that are available.

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