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We have seen just about everything from the left when it comes to making excuses to avoid building a fence at the southern border with Mexico.  The latest in the long line of excuses comes from Judge Beryl Howell, appointed to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia by President Obama in 2010. He agreed that the public interest is significant with regards to the possible impact building a fence may have on “lower income minority communities.” These are the same communities that are comprised mainly of the illegal aliens.  We have a judicial system backing the radical left as they seek to provide special treatment to people who aren’t even here legally!

Have we really come to a point in which we are more concerned with the rights of illegal aliens over those of American citizens?  As I have said before, we are no longer citizens in this country we are merely residents in a land with disappearing borders.  What many fail to see is that this is part of a bigger plan and plays right into Obama and the left’s Alinsky playbook. They are stopping at nothing to overrun this country with illegals in an attempt to blur the line between citizen and non-citizen.  

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