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The federal government has been carting the illegal immigrants streaming across our southern border to states, towns, and cities all throughout this country. The government would lead you to believe they are simply attempting to reunite the children with their parents or family that currently reside here.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth as they are simply dispersing these illegal aliens throughout the country in an effort to turn many of the Red towns and cities blue

Recently in the town of Murrieta, California citizens have become fed up with the government carting these “dreamers” into their town.  Not only are there embedded gang members among the “children” that are being relocated there, these individuals are carrying a variety of diseases such as scabies, tuberculous, and other diseases not often seen in this country. 

As the buses headed to the town of Murieta, California the citizens proceeded to block their path. This resulted in the buses being rerouted to another location. This successful protest is now being met with federal agents in riot gear in an attempt to disperse the protesters who have been there for days, according to the  Daily Caller

This must be the fundamental transformation that Obama has been preaching about since 2008. The transformation in which this country puts the illegal alien before the American citizen!!
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