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Throughout this countries history there is one thing that has been steadfast, one thing that has stood the test of time, one thing that has been the true lifeblood of this great nation and that is our veterans.  Veterans are the individuals who have given us the freedoms we hold so dear.  They are the reason we are able to go out to dinner, go to a movie, attend sporting events, and so on and so forth.  Without their sacrifices there is a good chance we wouldn’t have half of what we have today.  No other country in human history has a history like America and has endured like we have and we owe it all to the veteran.

The reason for this impassioned post is because of the treatment our veterans are receiving today. Throughout history the veteran has a been class of individuals who have been looked at from varying angles.  Going all the way back to the Revolutionary War there were instances in which veterans weren’t treated as well as they should have been.  Within the last 100 years we have seen veterans return from World War 1, World War 2, The Korean War, Vietnam, The Gulf War, and most recently the war in Iraq, and the on going operations in Afghanistan. 
Throughout these wars many men and women have returned home safely, but there are a number that either didn’t return home, came home in a box, or came home with long lasting emotional and physical scars.  This weighs heavily on my heart.  I have never served but I still hold the veteran in extremely high regard as they are the men and women who put their lives on the line for each and every one of us to give us. They give us the freedoms and liberties that we exercise on a daily basis.  I feel that so many take it for granted because they may not know someone who has fought in any of these wars or know anyone who has been directly affected in any way.  
Whether or not you know someone is beside the point.  The point of the matter is that you give these individuals the respect they deserve.  Just this past Memorial Day I walked into a local strip mall and saw a gentlemen standing outside with his beret from the war he served in dressed in a sport coat on a hot day.  It disgusted me how so many people just passed right by this man,  many not even biding him the time of day.  I on the other hand went up to him, thanked him for his service and donated to what it was he was collecting money for, either the American Legion or VFW, which one I can’t remember.  Nonetheless, I’m not trying to toot my own horn or anything but I just wish more people felt the way I do and it truly eats away at my inner most soul to see just how these men and women are treated.
And then it gets worse… We have stooped to a new low in this country that many thought would never arrive.  We have seen returning veterans get spat on, cursed at, and even protested against, but never have we ever seen an American veteran take a back seat to an individual who has entered this country illegally. Yes you read that right, we are now seeing the American veteran take a back seat to the illegal alien, a group of individuals flooding across our southern border coming here illegally are taking precedence over the men and women who risked their lives for us. 
Countless stories are coming out about how veterans are dying while waiting for care.  Just recently there was a story about a veteran who passed out in a VA hospital cafeteria a mere 500 yards from the emergency room. 
According to 
“Common sense was clearly not present that day when Jim Garcia died waiting for life saving care. In a tragic story of ineptitude and bad policy, VA employees followed policy but let Garcia die instead of taking action and coming to his location to provide care.  Or, in the alternative, they could have wheeled him themselves to the VA emergency room on the same property.”

We see a story like this in which a veteran was at the actual VA facility a mere 500 yards away from the emergency room and he died waiting for care.  All the while we have millions and now billions of dollars being set aside for the care of illegal immigrants.  Why not take care of the VA before ANY consideration is given with regards to funding the invasion of this country. 
Along with the lack of care for veterans that currently reside in this country we also have a veteran who mistakenly took a wrong turn and ended up in Mexico with his legally owned firearms and has since been imprisoned for over 100 days in a Mexican jail. We have tens of thousands of migrants crossing into our border from Mexico and we cannot so much as put in a request to the Mexican government that our soldier be returned home?  Our “glorious” commander in chief can’t get on the phone with Mexican president Pena Nieto and demand our marine be returned home? If Neito doesn’t comply explain to him that all of the migrants coming here from his country will receive the same treatment that our captive soldier is receiving down there!! 
Apparently our president is to inept or he just doesn’t give a shit about our servicemen.  I think the latter is correct as we see the complete disregard he has for them with his handling of the VA Administration.  Sure he gets up there on TV and says that he has a job to do and he will get it done.  How many times have we heard that?  He goes on and on about how he has a pen and a phone and he has all of this executive authority to “get things done” which he doesn’t have as per the Constitution (that’s an entirely different discussion for another time). The fact the matter is that if he claims to have this pen, phone and all of that executive authority why the hell isn’t he using it to take care of our veterans?
Well the answer is simple… The veteran is a dying breed. We have all but seen the last of the World War 1 veterans and are quickly seeing the World War 2 veterans die off as well.  This is a shame because as we see the demise of the greatest generation we see a piece of history go with them. Many children today will never know the sacrifices those men and women made and will be worse off for it. We also have veterans from the Korean War, Vietnam, and the more recent wars in the middle east who mean nothing to this government or the president. They mean nothing because so many of them understand what is going on today and see this country slipping away.  They see how the younger generation of individuals have a complete disregard for politics, government, history, and the freedoms that they all fought for.  
As a result the newer generation of kids are swept up into the lies being fed to them by the mainstream media.  Add to this the influx of illegal aliens and you have exactly what the government needs to take complete control of the masses. The veterans are the ones who truly understand what is going on here and once there gone there will be no one left to warn us that history is indeed repeating itself and the evils they vanquished from the far corners of the world are cropping up right under our noses and the younger generations and illegal aliens alike will be completely oblivious to it.
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