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A disturbing trend is occurring in Mexico as one song in particular had risen to the top of the music charts. This song is directly related to the government imposed humanitarian crisis we have been seeing take place at the Mexican border for months. The song is entitled “La Bestia”  which was written in commemoration of the so called death train that many illegals are boarding to make their way across the border into the United States.  
This is part of the problem we now face with the influx of not only children, but adults, pregnant women, gang members, and whatever else may be making their way into this country.  Our president and government been providing central American countries including Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador with the notion that if they come here they will not be sent home and in many cases they will be provided with housing, food, clothing, and more. 
So not only do we have to worry about our own government encouraging illegal aliens to cross our border into this country, we also have to be concerned with the culture of illegal immigration.  It has come to a point in many of the central American countries that their own pop culture is laying the ground work of the mentality that if they can make it to America they will be completely taken care of. 
This goes against everything this country stands for.  Yes we were a country founded on immigrants but those immigrants came here in search of a better life in which they could work for themselves without any government oppression.  They came here with just the clothes on their backs not looking for a handout but looking at how they could contribute to this country.  What we are seeing on the southern border is the exact opposite. We are seeing people make their way into this country in search of handouts and freebies at the expense of the American Citizen. 

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