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The border crisis has been taking place now for months and the general public and news media have been well aware of the situation for roughly two months. While this is the case,  we have yet to see any real resolution or even concrete ideas of how to resolve the problem.  It would appear there is something more evil,  something more nefarious going on here and with the likes of Obama and Reid in charge those accusations aren’t all that far fetched!
These accusations were brought to the forefront as Senator Ted Cruz sat down to speak with Chris Wallace, 
“I’ll tell you who is holding these kids ransom: It’s Harry Reid and the president,” Cruz said. “Because their view is: Don’t do anything to fix the problem.”
This makes perfect sense considering the border crisis has since become a humanitarian crisis as we are seeing children being treated like rats. These children are tossed into cages and carted around the country like pawns in some sort of game. The president even visited Texas on a recent fund raising trip and simply could not find the time to go anywhere near the border to survey the crisis he is in large part responsible for.
At this point one can only hope that the American people are beginning to wake up to what is going on as we are seeing these illegal immigrants to being transported all over the country. They are being placed in cities and towns without first notifying residents. In many instances even local govt and local law enforcement aren’t even aware these illegals are being housed in their town. We can only hope people wake up before it’s too late!!


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  1. Natural Born American Citizen July 22nd, 2014 at 12:11 am

    Crisis is Obama Made with specific intentions for its impact on the U.S. POTUS is a lying, take no action, unfit, illegal alien who overstayed his foreign student visa. Then somehow became POTUS twice without verifiable credentials. I believe he intends to stay in office from now on. Martial Law will be enacted before 2016. Only a 2nd American Revolution can restart America again, it appears. We've gone to far left of right to do anything else, it appears.


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