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IIt’s is quite sad when the United States of America isn’t able to forcibly declare a ban on a terrorist group like ISIS all the while a country that contains nearly 10% of the world’s Muslim population has just done so. Political correctness and the cowardice of the liberal progressive left has lead this country to a point in which they can no longer see evil for what it is.

According to the Christian Post,

“Swearing an oath and pledging allegiance to a foreign nation or part of a foreign nation could make an Indonesian lose his/her citizenship,” stated Saifuddin earlier this month.”

Would we ever come close to considering this type of action here? The answer is absolutely not because with our open border and the idea that everyone can come here regardless of whether or not your a terrorist has infiltrated the highest office in the land.

Even with a group like ISIS taking over more and more of the middle east, those here in this country still fail to call evil for what it is. Instead we drop a little bit of food and water and a few bombs and call it a day. It’s going to take far more than that to defeat the ISIS militants who are securely entrenched in the areas that we once cleared of terrorists.

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