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With the latest developments unfolding in Iraq, and our president cherry picking the places he decides to drop bombs, we at home are inadvertently being placed in grave danger.  First and foremost, it is essential that this president follow through with whatever actions he decides to take in Iraq and not just sissy foot around. Dropping a few bombs here and there isn’t even going to put a dent int the enemies forces.  They have acquired countless pieces of our own military equipment left behind after the Iraq war and looted and stolen million of dollars.  In addition to that, they have also taken control of nearly 150,000 square miles of territory.
This is an enemy that must be taken seriously as there have been recent reports of ISIS sympathizers making their way to the United States.  A recent report from explains how an ISIS sympathizer was recently arrested at JFK airport in New York City after writing posts on multiple  social media sites in support of ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria. Another threat that has gone largely unreported was the recent threat made on Grand Central Station also in New York City.  This threat which was also conveniently overlooked explainied that ISIS soldiers will soon march in and around the major transit hub in the heart of Manhatten! 

We must also not forget the recent incident that took place on the Brooklyn Bridge also located in New York City in which the American flags that fly atop each post on the bridge were replaced with washed out white versions of the same flags.  We have yet to receive a definite answer as to who or what was behind this incident as it has basically
fallen into the black hole known as the major news media cycle. Were these flags a sign of a future attack or a way of the enemy reaching out to sleeper cells already here in the United States? Or were the flags simply placed there by a prankster?

Regardless of why the flags were posted there, it has become quite clear that all signs point to ISIS as a real threat to the homeland. The more our president arbitrarily drops a few bombs here and there, the more he is simply going to piss off the enemy.  The United States must defeat the enemy at all costs or suffer the consequences as they will inevitably strike back at us.

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