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This society has become so soft with regards to calling a spade a spade!! Many no longer stand for anything and are beginning to fall for everything!!
Case and point, back in 2010 we see a back and forth between a UCSD student and Conservative Jewish commentator David Horowitz in which the student utters some rather disturbing words expressing her views on the Jewish people. 
Amidst this discussion Mr. Horowitz asks the Muslim student to condemn Hamas and hezebollah which the student refuses to do. The speaker then explains the views these organizations have towards the Jewish people and her response is utterly jaw dropping!
This took place some four years ago. With the rise of isis and radical muslim extermeism throughout the middle east and this countries inability to call it what it is will eventually lead to our demise.  It’s time our leaders wake the hell up and start calling these radical Islamic nuts out for what they are, terrorists!

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