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You would think given the current state of the NFL right now they would do everything in their power to avoid any other controversies. Apparently that’s not the case given their reaction to a shirt worn by RGIII in a press conference Sunday about the condition of his ankle. 

RGIII who happens to be an outspoken Christian walked into the room wearing a shirt with the phrase “Know Jesus, Know Peace” he was subsequently seen leaving the room with his shirt turned inside out.

Apparently it’s NFL policy that players do not wear shirts displaying personal messages on gameday. If that were the case then why was fellow Redskins player JP Finlay seen wearing a “Five Four” t-shirt as depicted in the photo below. 

This comes down to one thing. The NFL doesn’t have the balls to stand on its own two feet and defend players who stand on the side of Christianity or any similar religion. Do you think for one second that if a player were displaying Muslim garb that the player would be asked to remove it? Absolutely not!! Muslims are a protected class therefore they are afforded rights others aren’t. As a result we see atrocities like this when an outspoken Christian is ostracized in such a manner. 

You would think given the current state of affairs within the NFL right now they could use a little Christian values and influence!! 

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