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By now the news has broke regarding the beheading of an employee of Vaughan Foods located in Moore Oklahoma. This is a horrific incident that unfortunately has seemed to take a backseat to the other news of the day.  One can only speculate as to why this may be.  Is it because the media is too afraid to touch on the possibility that a recent convert to Islam could commit such a heinous act?  Are they afraid to get people up in arms about the idea that this may very well be the beginning of a long war with ISIS on our own soil?

There are many things one can speculate about with regards to this tragedy.  But there are a few things that already seem ominously certain, the man was in deed a recent convert to Islam, he does have a prior rap sheet including prior arrests, and there are even reports that his man was shouting Islamist remarks as he beheaded one woman and stabbed another.

This self proclaimed Muslim individual will most likely not see the punishment he deserves as he is a member of a “protected class”. What will most likely happen is this incident will be regarded as “workplace violence” and a list of excuses will be made to offset the idea that he may have indeed acted as a result of radical Islamic beliefs.  Will the authorities investigate his mosque?  Will they question his Imam? One can only hope that due diligence will be made to get to the bottom of this incident and it isn’t just thrown under the rug as so many events are in this fast paced news cycle created by the progressives and the Obama administration.

Another aspect of this incident that will most likely go unreported or be misreported on is the fact that a law abiding citizen who according to reports is a sheriff had a concealed gun with him at the time and took down the assailant thus saving countless lives.  Will this be reported in such a fashion that shows the importance of lawful concealed carry in this country?  Or will the tables be flipped as they often are resulting in the man so many coming under scrutiny for actually shooting a murderer and saving the lives of the employees of his own company?

-Young Conservative

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