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First we see the ebola virus make its way to American shores all thanks to the Obama administration. This administration refuses to take the necessary steps to ensure Americans are safe against this virus by shutting down the damn border and restricting air travel to individuals traveling from any of the affected countries! It’s political correctness that is literally going to kill us all and the idea that we must somehow show “compassion” for others from third world countries at the expense of our own safety, health, and we’ll being.
Now the race baiting buddy of president Obama has taken political correctness to an entirely new level.  He has somehow found a way to incorporate the race card into the first ebola case diagnosed on American soil.

According to CBS Dallas/Ft Worth,
Jackson wants to be sure that south Dallas residents were receiving proper Ebola information. “A lot of times,” she explained, “the information is the last to get there. A lot of times, they are the most unaware of what’s going on.”
Only the likes of Jesse Jackson could take the ebola fight and slap the race sticker on it. Has it ever occurred that maybe the reason the “information doesn’t get there” is because many individuals are too ignorant to take something like this seriously. We constantly see so many people on Twitter mocking and making fun of the ebola disease and the significance of the fact that this government is so ridiculously incompetent that it can’t so much as keep sick people out of this country. 

We must also take into account that Duncan isn’t even an American citizen. I know I sound like a mean, cold hearted individual but it is not the responsibility of America to care for the rest of the world. I do feel we should do our best to take care of Duncan as he is already here, but this sets a scary precedent as we have yet to secure the border or restrict air travel. Without these restrictions in place we are sure to see an influx of ebola patients doing everything they can to make their way here for treatment. 

-Young Conservative 

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