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Mr. Duncan, the first person to die of ebola on Americans soil apparently died for one simple reason… He’s black!! This is the line being fed to us from his nephew.
According to The Blaze,
“On CNN’s “OutFront” Saturday morning, Duncan’s nephew Josephus Weeks speculated that race played a role in the Texas hospital’s decision to release his uncle while the man had a raging fever.”

“He’s the only person that has died from Ebola here in America,” Weeks said. “He’s a black man. He’s poor, didn’t have insurance.”
We are going to see more and more of this as the ebola crisis continues to spiral our of control in West Africa. Combine that with the president’s reluctance to halt travel from those countries and you have the perfect formula for the government to force their socialized medicine on the masses. 
After all what on earth are we going to do if ebola breaks out in this country every single citizen will begin running to the government for help. What is even more scary is the fact that of we did indeed see an outbreak in this country it would trigger government oppression and control on a scale never before seen!
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