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It’s becoming more and more clear why exactly our president has sent the United States military to West Africa to battle Muhammad al Ebola! This president has always had a disgusting disdain for the military and what better way to show that disdain that to subject them to a disease such as ebola. Our military is trained to battle enemy militaries and other similar threats around the world, not a freaking virus. Additionally, the military members who were and are still being sent over to West Africa are only receiving roughly four hours of training to avoid coming into direct contact with the disease.

According to Allen B. West,

“Four hours of deployment training for Ebola? Four hours to prepare our men and women to combat against something that can take their lives? This is unbelievable. I recall spending countless hours training and preparing for a combat deployment at ranges and in the field. Heck, we spent four hours doing operations order briefings for the deployment — rehearsals and such.”

Aside from this president’s disdain for the military, I feel there is an underlying and even more nefarious plot at hand. By subjecting the military to ebola they will be pre-occupied with quarantines and arriving back without bringing ebola to our shores. This frees up Obama to fully implement his plan for an open border and to institute a “civilian security force” as the traditional military will be busy battling ebola.

While this may sound like conspiracy and I don’t like to get too wrapped up in conspiracy theories but it’s beginning to make too much sense. This president and his administration continue to make decisions that leave one just shaking their head. They continue to make decisions that are putting both the military and civilian population in grave danger. If we don’t wake up soon it may just be too late!

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