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For far to long we have seen Washington run by career politicians on both sides of the isle who have made politics their life’s work rather than merely a period of serving the people as it was originally intended.  This is why we, the young and upcoming generation must step up to take back Washington and restore a constitutional government that is both for and by the people as the forefathers intended.

Tuesday’s election results are a sign that people throughout the country are beginning to wake up to what has been going on in Washington going back decades. This country has been headed down the path to destruction as we see politicians govern with complete disregard for their constituents and the American people. This is why the younger generation must wake up and take interest in what is going on locally, at the state level, and nationally.

For far to long Young people have fallen victim to the influences of the main stream media, pop icons, and other societal factors that truly distort reality and as a result lead them down the path to voting for someone based upon factors that have nothing to do with why one is voting in the first place.  To combat this Young people must be taught that it is their civic duty as an American citizen to take interest in their government. They must be taught history as it happened to fully understand how this country has become what it is today. The country which provides them so much opportunity. They must understand the sacrifices made by those in the past that give us the arena to pursue our dreams.  If this occurs they Will develop a new found respect for the representative Republic form of government we have, and hold dear their right to vote.

The young need to understand the significance of what it means to have the ability to elect their leaders as many around the world have died and continue to put their lives on the line for a right many in this country take for granted.  Maybe then the younger generation would take seriously the act of voting and not simply base their vote on whomever they see as the “coolest” or most “hip” candidate running at the time!

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