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Providing amnesty to 5 million low skilled, uneducated migrants is going to do absolutely nothing for this country or the citizenry!!

All it is going to is reduce the opportunities for Americans be increasing the number of individuals already competing for the scarce number of available jobs. In addition to that it will inevitably overwhelm the welfare state, the educational system, and healthcare system.

But what are we going to do??? We can’t just round them up and send them back even though Roosevelt had absolutely no problem rounding up American citizens simply for being of Japanese desent. An American president rounded up actual American citizens and placed them in concentration camps yet we can’t just locate those who are here illegally and send them back to their country of origin!

Suppose 5 million citizens opted not to pay their taxes?? Do you think the govt would simply say ahh that’s too many people we can’t go after 5 million citizens who didn’t pay their taxes…

Wrong, they’d be rounding citizens up fast enough to make your head spin and throwing them in jail. So it’s about time we take that same approach to immigration. Send back those who are here illegally, streamline the LEGAL immigration process, and in the mean time patrol the damn border to keep Americans safe!

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