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Enough is enough!! It’s time we stand up to these sick deranged so called protesters… Here is another instance in which protesters are terrorizing a mother and her daughter while shopping at Target!

As reported on  a mother and her daughter were harassed while shopping inside a local Target department store.  What did this mother and daughter don’t deserve this type of treatment?

Is it simply because they’re white that they were singled out? The pathetic protesters also targeted a local Walmart and countless other businesses in a sorry attempt to get their point across, whatever that point may be…

This protesting is getting out of hand and it needs to stop now! Enough with shutting down highways, enough with terrorizing innocent people, car jacking people, burning down businesses! It needs to stop or there will be real rioting on their hands when we the people stand up to these disgusting thug pigs!

#tcot #RedNationRising

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