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We have seen outrage and disgust over the most recent grand jury decision exonerating officer Daniel Pantaleo from any wrong doing in the choke hold death of Eric Garner. This was indeed a horrific incident as it is clear the cop appears to have crossed the line in choking Garner as he did. While this may be the case there is one major aspect of this situation that has gone largely undisclosed, the reason he was approached by the cops in the first place. 
(And no it wasn’t because he was “black”) 

With an ever growing number of ridiculous laws on the books police officers are now forced to handle everything from murder to ticketing a guy smoking to close to a building or a guy selling loose cigarettes on the street corner.
What took place on Staten Island is a direct result of ridiculous laws that the likes of the former mayor nanny Bloomberg  and current communist mayor DeBlasio are putting into affect. These individuals and those like them in the collegiate and political “elite” sit around all day and devise ways in which they can control the public.

First it was 20 ounce sodas, then it was salt, followed by sugar, followed by an ever growing cigarette tax and restrictions on where you can smoke. Laws in NYC have become so ridiculous that one can barely find a place to smoke while in the middle of an open air park.

You look at nearly all of the big cities throughout this country that are dealing with issues of race and perceived or real police brutality against the citizenry and you find a Democrat mayor. Detroit is all but lost at this point as a result of liberal Democrat policies run amok, Chicago run by the infamous Rham Emanuel is know as Chi-Raq, Los Angeles run by a Democrat, the St Louis area where the Ferguson incident took place run predominately by Democrats, and last but not least NYC which has been run by some of the most liberal progressive elitist nuts for nearly a decade.
People are simply getting what they vote for.  People want a progressive utopian style government and that’s what they’re getting. They all think government knows what is best for them. They want to rely on government to enact laws to control nearly every aspect of every persons life from what they drive to what they eat to how much water is in the toilet bowl when they take a crap and this is what your left with, an ever growing police state. How else is the government supposed to continue to enforce all of these ridiculous laws on the books today unless they develop a humongous police force.
It’s time we get back to the Constitutional principles of limited government and rid local, state, and federal government of the ever growing number of ridiculous laws. Instill in people the importance of self reliance and the ability to take care of oneself rather than constantly relying on the government to hold their hand through each and every step in life. Inspire the individual to take responsibility for his or her actions! If we can do this we can surely avoid another incident like we recently witnessed with Eric Garner and we can avoid incident like what took place in Ferguson, MO. All it takes is a little limited government, self reliance, and responsible behavior!
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