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The story of Christmas that we Christians have celebrated for thousands of years has now become a political football as this pathetic president has compared the Christmas season to executive amnesty!

According to Obama, 

“If we’re serious about the Christmas season, now is the time to reflect on those who are strangers in our midst and remember what it was like to be a stranger,” Obama said during an immigration town hall in Nashville.

Being serious about Christmas has nothing to do with accepting those who are in our midst by breaking our laws and coming here illegally! It’s sad and pathetic that our president would stoop as low as to take a holiday like Christmas which happens to be one of the most important Christian holidays and use it to promote one of his own illegal, unconstitutional actions! 

Obama then went on to explain, 

“As I said the day that I announced these executive actions that we were once strangers too, and part of what my faith teaches me is to look upon the stranger as part of myself,” he said. “And during this Christmas season that’s a good place to start.

This quote by our glorious leader really takes the cake as he has the nerve to claim that he is Christian when we all know of that he is a closet Muslim as he constantly caters to the Muslim culture by NEVER condemning any of the heinous acts carried out by Muslims on the Christians and Jews around the world! 

One can always look at themselves as a so called “stranger”.  That is still no excuse to break a countries laws and then petition that country to accept the fact that the laws have been broken. Breaking laws requires consequences and failing to ensure the consequences are instilled in the law breaker sets a bad precedent. 

Additionally,  when a president takes it upon himself to arbitrarily abide by and enforce laws it again sets a bad precedent that will inevitably backfire on not only his own party when a Republican takes office but on the country as a whole as the president is supposed to be the leader setting the example for the rest of the nation! 

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