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News reports are coming in this morning of another fatal police shooting just miles away from where the Mike Brown shooting tool place.

According to CNN,

Police say the officer shot him in self-defense.

The officer with the City of Berkeley Police Department had encountered two men during a routine check at a Mobil gas station, Schellman said. He got out of his squad car and approached them.

One of the men pointed a gun at the officer, who fired multiple times at him, fatally wounding him. The second man fled, police said.

Of course, long before any of the facts are brought to light and we truly know exactly what occurred the morons on Twitter begin to go absolutely nuts…

This is automatically lumped in with the rest of the individuals killed by police including Mike Brown who according to the evidence attacked Darren Wilson and Eric Garner who was also killed by police. Albeit the Eric Garner incident was completely different and could of been prevented…

As you can see below Twitter was abuzz with speculation that this was a cover up and that the cops were simply leaving him there to die.  From what has been reported the police could have let first responders in to treat the victim. From what it looks like though the idiotic protesters that showed up within minutes of the shooting impeded any help from arriving to possibly save Antonio’s life! The scene was definitely not secure and therefore it wasn’t safe for EMS to enter the scene! Just look at what took place in Ferguson, do you think first responders should have risked their lives to save someone who was shot as a result of pointing a gun at a police officer?

As with the other cases in which a cop has shot a black man the entire twitter community and the media alike rush to judgement and automatically blame the cops. We have seen first hand what that type of media attention has done in NYC with the ridiculous protests and subsequent assassination of two of New Yorks finest!

This is the type of mentality that has lead to the innocent deaths of the two NYPD officers. But go ahead and keep up the pathetic rhetoric that is only making police citizen relationships even worse! 

It doesn’t take long for the agitators to take to the streets… Long before we know any of the facts of the case! 

Again all of this should be met with equal skepticism but this appears to be the gun that Antonio Martin pointed at officers before he was shot. 

It’s statements like this that light the fires of racism in this country. Maybe this individual should be speaking out against the thug culture rather that the Jim Crow South! 

Wouldn’t you fear for your life if anyone pointed a gun at you regardless of whether or not you’re a police officer!? 

How about the thugs of St Louis County are at it again! 

It’s racism when a black man points a gun at a police officer?? 

-Young Conservative
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