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Just when you think the government cannot possibly become more intrusive, they take it to an entirely new level.  
According to AP,
The high court is set to hear arguments Thursday in the case of the girl known in court documents only as Cassandra C., who will turn 18 in September. She was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma last September, according to court documents.
While this may seem innocent enough, the scary part is the reason the court is hearing this case is the fact that the state has stepped in and mandated that she receive chemotherapy treatment against hers and her parents will.  The court is hearing whether or not the minor who has yet to turn 18 is capable of making medical decisions for herself even though her parents are in complete agreement with her wishes.

The irony here is that most liberal progressives in this country fight for the women’s right to choose regardless of age.  They fail to take into consideration this doctrine in question in this case, the “mature minor doctrine”, when it comes to abortion because it is simply the women’s right to choose and age doesn’t come into play.  Age only comes into play when the those in government decide it does.  This is what many would like to call situational ethics or behaviors that are deemed ethical as per the situation rather than having true values and beliefs that hold steadfast regardless of the circumstances.
Where do we draw the line when it comes to one’s body and who has the ultimate say so over what types of and if one does or does not receive treatment for an illness or undergo a procedure.
“It’s a question of fundamental constitutional rights–the right to have a say over what happens to your body–and the right to say to the government ‘you can’t control what happens to my body,’” Cassandra’s mother’s attorney, Michael S. Taylor, told WTIC.
As of right now TheBlaze,
Cassandra later came back home but refused treatment. The court then ordered that Cassandra be removed from her home and placed in DCF custody. The state was also granted the authority to make all necessary medical decisions on the girl’s behalf, according to documents.

It is essential that cases like this are looked at and people understand what is at stake here.  You may say this is just a rare occurrence and as of right now it is. But these cases are becoming more common just as we saw in Boston with the case over Justina Pelletier, in which the state took custody of her when the parents disagreed with the treatment she was to receive from Boston Children’s Hospital. We must remain cognizant of cases like this before the government decides it has the right to tell you and me what we do with our own bodies.


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