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Yet again Obama is making promises that will inevitably have a negative effect on the working class of American citizens…

Do you think for one second that simply mandating businesses provide paid sick leave will not have some sort of negative repercussion?

According to James Sherk at the,

“Businesses care about the total compensation they pay workers. They care much less about how that compensation splits between wages and benefits. Economists have repeatedly found that when the government requires businesses to offer a benefit, they do so – and take the cost out of workers’ pay.”

Just like the healthcare mandate drove up healthcare costs when we were told it would lower them, this paid sick leave mandate will also drove down wages as businesses will look to cut worker pay to make up for the paid sick time they are being forced to provide.

It’s time people wake up and realize that there should be limitations to government. Government has far out stepped the boundaries placed upon it by the Constitution and people are too damn naive to realize the rug is being pulled out right from under their feet. The sheeple some believe the crap that falls out of the mouth of this president each time he issues a decree that is supposed to help “the people” yet it will wind up negatively affecting those it was designed to help!

I am all for paid sick leave, I want nothing less than to be working beside a sick coworker… But leave it up to the business owner to decode how he or she wants to run their own business.

Let the market determine whether or not the business survives. Is the business owner is so terrible in how they treat their employees no one will want to work for that person and their business will cease to exist.

The bottom line is it is not the governments responsibility to step on the toes of private businesses and dictate to them how they will run their operation.

-Young Conservative
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