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Going back to the 1980’s illegal immigration has been a hotly contested issue in this country. We saw Reagan give amnesty to a large number of illegals back in 1986, and in return he and the Republicans were promised increased border security.

As you can plainly see the amnesty order went through but the border was never secured. Since then we have had to deal with an ever increasing number of illegals that have been literally pouring over the border for nearly 30 years.

It’s safe to say we are coming to the tipping point with regards to illegal immigration and the very survival of this country. We now have a president who is worse than any president in America history with regards to securing the border and dealing with the illegal immigration crisis.

According to the Washington Times
The Homeland Security Department has set up hotlines for illegal immigrants who believe their rights under President Obama’s amnesty policy have been violated.
Not only is this president neglecting to deal with the illegal immigration crisis, he is actively seeking to undermine the job our border agents are doing by setting up a damn complaint hotline. 
The Washington Times continues, 

In a memo announcing the customer complaint line, U.S. Customs and Border Protection asked illegal immigrants to “please tell us about your experience” if they believe they were treated “contrary to the new DHS enforcement priorities.”

The Obama administration has effectively given people who have broken our laws the means to file grievance with those who are are supposed to be upholding the law. How can we have a country anymore when things are this backwards. 
It’s safe to say we are on the road to becoming a land without borders. This will be the beginning of the end of the United States as we know it. We are simply becoming people occupying a particular land rather than citizens of a nation as citizenship no longer means anything. 
Welcome to the fundamental transformation Obama promised!! 
Young Conservative 
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