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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you come to a story in which a Vietnam veteran is found dead inside his Michigan home due to hypothermia after his heat had been shut off.  In the United States of America where members of the dead ass society and even those who are here illegally find ways to get food, transportation, alcohol, cigarettes, and even home heating assistance. All the while we see a veteran, someone who risked his life for his country, found dead in his home.  This poor man didn’t need to die the way he did, freezing to death when so many others are given freebies at the tax payers expense.

We owe nothing to the so called down trodden that come here for a so called better life from nearly every central American country, but we owe everything to every single American who has risked it all to defend this country and keep us free.  The least we can do is be sure these individuals do not meet the same fate as this poor man. 

According to
John Skelley, 69, was found wrapped in blankets and unresponsive in his home in Hazel Park, Mich. FOX 2 learned the home was without heat for weeks before Skelley died.

This is a pathetic and horrible way for a man who literally put his life on the line for his country to die.  Our president constantly speaks about how the future of this country is the freaking illegal immigrants while saying nothing about the veteran.  If it weren’t for the veteran we wouldn’t have a country, if it weren’t for the veteran he wouldn’t be able to get up on his soap box and spew is communist, pro-muslim propaganda.

A Facebook page has been setup at Hangin-With-the-Heroes with information on how to donate to ensure this veteran receives a proper burial because we all know the damn government won’t.

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