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We have seen Obama trample all over the Constitution as he has acted far outside the confines placed on his office.  While this may not directly affect the everyday American citizen, or at least affect us in ways that are immediately tangible, this new detention facility that was reported on in The Guardian raises eyebrows as to the secret practices of our government here at home. We have seen and heard about things like secret detention facilities throughout the middle east and have been made aware of unethical interrogation practices. Well it’s time to wake up people because those practices have hit awfully close to home.

According to The Guardian,

The Chicago police department operates an off-the-books interrogation compound, rendering Americans unable to be found by family or attorneys while locked inside what lawyers say is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site.

I don’t often get into reports provided by the likes of Alex Jones as he often times jumps off the deep end when it comes to conspiracy theory, but this time he was actually on to something. His reports along with the report provided by The Guardian depict an interrogation compound the likes of what we see overseas.  
I can’t help attribute this in part to what we see on TV in which shows like Law and Order and other similar shows glorify these types of activities.  If you look closely at Law and Order you can count numerous instances in which people Constitutional rights are violated and people just go along with it like nothing is wrong.  I understand it is just a show but this show is also watched by law enforcement and can be in part to blame for the activity we are seeing in Chicago.  
In addition to the TV aspect of this, we are seeing a lawless government get away with nearly anything they want.  As a result this is filtering down into local police departments as some are beginning to feel that they can act as the government does and the Constitution is no longer a restraint on their actions but a mere guide book that they can choose to or choose not to follow. 
I am by no means saying that cops are bad.  It’s usually not the cops that are at fault when it comes to incidents like this, it’s the upper echelon of law enforcement that buys into the bullshit being fed to them by high ranking officials.  The average American citizen must understand that it is the elected officials that are to blame for what is going on in police forces around the country as the actual police officer is simply following orders so he can support his family and make it to retirement for his pension.  
If we do not wake up soon we will see more and more of these types of facilities cropping up around the country.  And these facilities will be full of freedom loving people just like you and me who have the balls to speak out about what is really going on.  As the government begins to censor the media and the Internet we will most likely be whisked away never to be heard from again!

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