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It’s safe to say our country has become a liberal progressive paradise. We should seriously consider revising the name America to Obamaville as we are becoming subjects of his progressive, anti-American agenda.  Call me cray but it’s hard to believe this president truly believes in the American dream as he gives more to the freaking illegal immigrant than he does out veterans.  It is not the governments responsibility to give anything to anyone except our veterans who put their lives on the line to defend this still great nation that deep down I still believe in.

Onto the song!!! This song hits on ever aspect of Obamas draconian agenda.  I’ll provide a little synopsis of the song should you want a summary.

The song wastes no time as it talks about food stamps.  This program while good in it’s intention has gotten way out of hand with nearly 47 million now receiving them through their little refillable EBT card. Next, the song wastes no time to talk about how everything is all George Bush’s fault.  This is Obama’s favorite get out of jail free card. That’s all about that, I’m sure you already know enough with regards to blaming Bush so I won’t get carried away with that.

Ahh and let us not forget Obama’s gem, OBAMACARE!!! Gotta love how he posed this program as providing more choice and reduced costs when as well all know it has done the exact opposite.  Along with Obamacare, this amazing song talks about getting those free meds.  We are such a medicated society as there is a medication or pill for every problem (real or made up) that so many today are so medicated they forget what is really going on in the world.

“Raising those taxes so we can hang on.” This could be the best line of the entire song and couldn’t be more appropriate for what is going on now as Obama is considering arbitrarily raising our taxes through “executive order.” All the while, if he’s a “constitutional scholar” like he claims to be he should know that Congress is the only governing body that can legally levy a tax on the American people.

What a perfect ending, “the world’s goin insane.”

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