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Beth Van Duyne has been mayor of Irving, Texas for nearly 11 years and explained she had never received the type of questions she recently received prior to an upcoming interview.
According to The Blaze,
The Texas mayor told TheBlaze she received an extensive list of questions from Dallas Morning News reporter Avi Selk for an upcoming profile piece. In addition to several questions about her resume and accomplishments as mayor, the reporter asked a number of personal questions that Van Duyne determined to be “out-of-bounds or unprofessional.”
“Do you have full custody of your children? (Are you a full-time parent, in other words?)” the reporter asked.
“I believe you’ve been in a relationship for a few years now. Could you tell me a little about your partner/boyfriend?
These questions are definitely out of bounds as her personal life and personal decisions are hers and hers alone.  Had this been a conservative reporter for a network like Fox News or even The Blaze asking questions even remotely similar to those there would be massive outrage.  Due to the face that she’s a woman we would be hearing that this is the war on women and how dare anyone question a woman’s relationship status or whether or not she has custody of her children.  
There is such a pathetic double standard at work in the media today.  We see liberal reporters get away with things like this time and time again with no repercussions because they are able to twist the story in their favor.  Members of the liberal media are masters of language, plain and simple.  It is essential that the conservative movement learn to accentuate their points with points that will not just make a statement but jump off the page.  We need to stop playing nice and start getting down and dirty like the liberals.  Sometimes you have to beat them at their own game to win.
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