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The mere fact that the words “whitesplaining” and “blacksplaining” have worked their way into our everyday language is a large part of the reason why racism has become such a widespread topic of discussion. We are being fed a steady diet of so called race discussions which are doing more harm than good in bridging the supposed racial divide.  
What is more amusing than anything else is those on the left who constantly cry racism all the while never acknowledging the advances that have been made over the past 50 years.  We have a black president and they still cannot find it in themselves to admit that we are far better off with regards to race than we have ever been.  
We hear from time to time how those in the black community call out members from their own community simply because they may be Conservative or have views contradictory to what they are supposed to think.  This couldn’t be more evident than when an ESPN anchor called out Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and referred to him as a “cornball brother” and that “he isn’t down with the cause” simply because he is conservative with a white girlfriend.  
Further widening the racial divide are individuals like Latoya Peterson who recently penned a post for entitled Blacksplained and Whitesplained: 24 Hours in the Life of Jay Smooth
In this article she talks about an individual names Jay Smooth and how he is half black and half white and how he was called out for the way he speaks in an interview on CBS Sunday Morning.
As you may have heard by now, on Tuesday evening, Smooth, a friend and contributor to Fusion, went on MSNBC’S All In with Chris Hayes to discuss Starbucks’s new community initiative, #RaceTogether. Appearing alongside Smooth was Nancy Giles, a contributor for the show CBSSunday Morning. Despite about five minutes of pleasant discussion, the conversation took a turn when Giles teased Smooth about his racial identity, referencing the speaking style and cadence he uses on his popular video series “Ill Doctrine” and Fusion’s “Illipsis” though she was trying to make a point about cultural appropriation and how people perceive others. She missed one simple but important fact: Jay Smooth identifies as black.

Simply because Nancy Giles spoke about his “style and cadence” with regards to his video series, outrage ensued.  This was all simply because he appears to be more white than black yet he spoke like a black man.  Yes I said it, he spoke like a black man!  I know my statement would have liberal eyes rolling back in their heads, but it is ok to say someone speaks like a black man or white man. 

Let me “whitesplain” it for you, different cultures may have different cadences or styles in which they speak and to classify them as white or black isn’t racist, it’s merely calling it like it is.  But that is what liberals lose their minds about. Whenever a principled individual makes a valid argument to call something what it is, in this case the style of speaking, they simply cannot live with themselves. 
The reason for this is the fact that they are offended at literally everything. 

We live in a society in which people aren’t taught to look at things logically, they are taught to look at everything emotionally.  As a result any time someone doesn’t agree with something they in turn find a way to deem whatever it is they don’t agree with as offensive.  When that occurs the rest of us are supposed to coddle that individual and ensure that nothing is ever said that may remotely offend that person.

-Young Conservative

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One response to Whitesplaining and Blacksplaining is Why Racism Exists Today

  1. hal09i September 19th, 2015 at 3:50 pm

    That was well said, Steve, and right on target. I'd add this about liberals being offended about almost everything:

    Being offended is big business today; it helps you win the argument, silences your opponent or puts them on the defensive, and helps you achieve whatever you goal or agenda that you've set.

    A great example of this is the recent “Anchor Baby” controversy. Donald Trump was speaking about the southern border, illegal immigration, and possible solutions to this on going crisis. Now whether you agree with him or not, he was putting forth possible solutions and a plan of action. He also used the term “Anchor Baby” to describe a tactic of how some immigrants use parts of the U.S. legal system to make an end run around the legal entry and immigration procedures that are currently in place. The response from the left was predictable: they were “outraged” and “offended” by the use of such a “racist” term.

    We went 10 days in the media with the back and forth about whether the term was racist and why there would be no apology from Trump. The debate about immigration never happened. There were no real counters to Trump's proposals, no give and take, no discussions about possible compromises. The left just shut down debate, ended the conversation, and labelled their opponent a racist. And we wonder why nothing ever seems to get done.

    The other key factor in being “offended” is that it puts the spotlight on yourself or your group/organization. You get to demonstrate how wonderfully enlightened you are, how egalitarian, how forward thinking you are. How you're on the side of the angels. It's self aggrandizing.


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