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Everyone knew it was just a matter of time before the pathetic, race baiting piece of garbage Al Sharpton would show up in Baltimore.  What better setting than Baltimore for him to really stir up the emotions of a city already on edge.  Sharpton waited for the riots to take over the city on Monday and just a few days later he’s sitting beside the Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings Blake.  It’s awfully sad to see the mayor of a city teaming up with the likes of Al Sharpton at a time like this.  With Sharpton by her side we hear the charges posed against the officers who are accused of killing Freddie Gray.  I’m not saying by any stretch that the officers shouldn’t face charges, but the charges that are being pressed against these officers are a tad extreme. 

According to the NY Post,
Protesters in Baltimore criticized the Rev. Al Sharpton and other national civil rights leaders Thursday for turning them away from a meeting about the community.
“I wanted to give my voice,” Shamar Gordon, 17, said after being blocked from the summit at the New Shiloh Baptist Church.
So not only does Rev Al come to Baltimore to influence the investigation, he ensures that any outside voices are banned from expressing their opinion.  This is precisely the problem with the overbearing big government.  They silence any type of possible dissenting opinion.  The most ironic portion of this mindset is the fact that the same people being silenced keep voting into office the same individuals that fail to hear their cries for change.  It is essential that people realize they must vote leaders into office that will have their best interest in mind, leaders that will truly change the community for the better.

Baltimore, just like many other big cities throughout the country, is run by Democrats.  Democrats thrive off of keeping those in poverty exactly where they are.  There has been a war on poverty for over 50 years and millions of dollars spent on lifting people up, and out of poverty.  What these Democrats fail to realize is that high taxes and over regulation drives businesses out of cities just like what we have seen in Baltimore.  The lack of businesses means lack of jobs which in turn keeps the residents of those cities dependent on government for sustenance. Residents of those locales need to wake up and realize the only way they are going to improve their neighborhoods is to elect leaders who will provide incentives such as reduced taxes which will in turn provide more jobs.  
Truth Report explains,
Though it was promoted as a discussion intended to “support the city of Baltimore” and “improve” relations among the community and police, many community members found themselves on the outside looking in, told the event was invitation-only.  
Even community members were locked out of this supposed invitation-only event hosted by Rev Al. Clearly there are events taking place that they do not want the general public to be aware of. Is Rev Al influencing the investigation so much as to be sure these officers do not receive a fair trial? We can only hope and pray that justice is serviced for both the community and the officers involved.
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